G-859 Magnetometer


The Geometrics G-859 Cesium Vapor Magnetometer / Gradiometer provides an excellent performance featuring a low noise/high sensitivity, literally the best in the industry at 0.008nT/Hz RMS.  The G-859 is very fast, able to log map and GPS at up to 5 samples per second to accomplish large area surveys at a high sample density.  The integrated WAAS/EGNOS ready GPS and non-magnetic backpack make for a comfortable collection of data.  This magnetometer is the best in the industry for not allowing AC power line grid noise (50/60Hz).  Reliability is unsurpassed with the G-859, the Cesium sensors never requires a calibration or factory realignment.  EMC is able to collect large areas data with 8 hour data storage capacity and 6 hour battery packs.