Produced water (brine) releases can be an expensive issue for operators.  Determining the horizontal and vertical extent of such spills can be established by the use of surface geophysics.  The Earth Measurement Corp. (EMC) is entering its 24th year of conducting geophysical investigation surveys to characterize the subsurface.  EMC can quickly and thoroughly conduct an electromagnetic (EM) survey that will show the extent of impacted soils without disturbing the ground. EMC is an independent geophysical contractor and we can act as an unbiased source when it comes to the remediation portion of the project. 

Accurate maps indicating the extent of a produced water (brine) release, provides the operator valuable information when formulating a remediation plan and can help in avoiding costly surprises once remediation activities begin.  EMC can conduct the EM surveys using a variety of geophysical instruments that can quickly and accurately determine impacts down to a depth of 150 feet.

If you have had a recent or a historic release EMC can quickly and cost effectively mobilize an experienced crew for the acquisition phase of your project.  Data can be collected and field processed on-site allowing for the full extent of the release to be determined prior to the crew demobilizing from the site.  Although further processing of the data can add very important information and should be performed, this quick in-field examination of the data makes for the most efficient use of the crews time. 

EMC can help supply the best information possible that will be invaluable to the remediation contractor.  Knowledge of the extents of a release will allow for a shortened time-line for the clean-up and cost savings overall. 

This type of reconnaissance surveying should be your first step in the remediation process.  EMC has the experience and the in-house expertise to assist you in answering subsurface questions.  Please give us a call today to discuss any project that involves a produced water (brine) release.

A variety of depths can be explored using EMC’S EM equipment and technologies: (shown below)

Depth              EM Technology

 0’ – 2.5’                               EM-38                     .

 0’ – 5’                                  EM-38

 0’ – 9’                                  EM-31

 0’ – 18’                                EM-31

 0’ – 25’                                EM-34

 0’ – 50’                                EM-34

 0’ – 100’                              EM-34

 0’ – 150’                              EM-34