Smart-Seis S-24 Seismograph

EMC deploys GeoMetrics SmartSeis S-24 Seismograph

The SmartSeis S-24 is a computer-based seismograph that is capable of collecting sub-surface information at sample rates as low as 1/4 ms.  This 24-channel system is specifically designed to acquire the highest resolution of seismic information possible.  Geophone and energy source intervals may be placed at any equidistant spacing, dependent upon the resolution desired and local terrain.  High-precision geophones are used in the field to capture the high-frequency responses required for near-surface investigation. 

The High-resolution Seismic data is field-processed on site and post-processed at EMC offices.  Post-processing is accomplished through Seismic software designed specifically for this type of work.  EMC uses Rimrock’s Interpretation Software.