EM38 Electromagnetic Meter

EM38Designed for relatively shallow applications - specifically within the agricultural root zone - the EM38 Electromagnetic Meter provides measurement of ground conductivity (quad-phase) and magnetic susceptibility (in-phase) within two effective depth ranges: 1.5 m in the vertical dipole mode and 0.75 m in the horizontal dipole mode. Based on the same induction principle as the EM31-MK2, the EM38 can survey large areas quickly, without any requirement for ground-to-instrument contact.

Very lightweight and only one meter long, the EM38 provides rapid surveys with excellent lateral resolution. Measurement is generally made by placing the instrument on the ground and recording the indicated reading; digital meters are located on the top and side of the EM38 for the horizontal and vertical dipole measurements, respectively either a continuous or stationary measurements can be obtained from a standing position using the optional extender arm with cable connection to a data acquisition system. In this mode of operation, several thousand data points can easily be obtained in one hour.