Gravity Surveys

EMC deploys a LaCoste & Romberg Land Gravity Meter Model "G"

The model “G” gravimeter is able to collect the highest accuracy of gravity readings obtainable due to the patented Zero Length Spring design.  The repeatability of the meter is 0.1 milligal and accuracy is better than .04 milligal.  The instrument is used for measuring variation in gravitational attraction.Gravity Meter  These are just some of the application we have performed surveys on with gravity meters:

  • Determining Basement Structures
  • Locating Hard Minerals
  • Salt Domes
  • Reefs
  • Faults and Fractures
  • Locating geological features with density changes such as igneous intrusives
  • Defining boundaries of sediment and igneous material
  • Locating Voids